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Acapela Vocals Drum MIDI Melody Guitar Percussion

Covering All The Quintessential Needs In 6 Versatile Sound Banks.

Vocals Collection

We recorded 7 of our best vocalists in our studio to present you an outstanding collection of royalty free acapellas, phrases, ad-libs, vocal loops and one-words. Expect both male and female vocals for your next music track! This includes spoken words and phrases as well.

Wake Up - 100 BPM D Min

  • "VVUZZ - Wake Up - 100 BPM D Min ".

Changes Vocal - 169 BPM C Min

  • "VVUZZ - Changes Vocal - 169 BPM C Min".

No More - 153 BPM C Min Acapella Dry

  • "VVUZZ - No More - 153 BPM C Min Acapella Dry".

MIDI Collection

The MIDI compositions inside were written to help you build your own hit records from the ground up. Whether you want to edit the MIDI into your own melodies, study how we make ours, or simply drag and drop to use them as is…There is so much you can do with these MIDI files.

Clockwork MIDI - D Min

  • "VVUZZ- Clockwork MIDI - D Min (1)".

Waterfalls MIDI - G Min

  • "VVUZZ - Waterfalls MIDI - G Min (1)".

Bamboo Stick 7

  • "VVUZZ - Bamboo Stick 7".

Guitar Collection

Guitars are a great way to bring in some real instruments into your productions. That’s why this pack includes loops and one-shots of electric, western and nylon guitars. It’s a great selection of different styles and BPMs.

Like That - 110 BPM E Maj

  • "VVUZZ - Like That - 110 BPM E Maj".

Cusp - 85 BPM G Maj

  • "VVUZZ - Cusp - 85 BPM G Maj".

Oyster - 115 BPM B Maj

  • "VVUZZ - Oyster - 115 BPM B Maj".

Included Packs


This Bundle Includes 6 Exclusive Sample Libraries With All New And Unreleased Sounds Unique To This Collection!

Drum Collection

A full toolkit to upgrade your drum game: Build-ups, fills, rolls, stem-separated loops and awesome one-shots: Everything from claps to snaps, cymbals, hi-hats, kicks, shakers and snares.

Decelerate Drum Loop - 100 BPM

  • "VVUZZ - Decelerate Drum Loop - 100 BPM".

Low Crunch Drum Loop - 105 BPM

  • "VVUZZ - Low Crunch Drum Loop - 105 BPM".

Slowed Time Drum Loop - 109 BPM

  • "VVUZZ - Slowed Time Drum Loop - 109 BPM".

Melody Collection

A lot of producer struggle to find the right melody for their track. The Essential Melodies will help you out, either by drag and dropping the right melody striaght in your track or to give you some inspiration to find the perfect notes.

Clear The Smoke - 147 BPM D Min

  • "VVUZZ - Clear The Smoke - 147 BPM D Min".

Hibiscus - 90 BPM F Min Piano

  • "VVUZZ - Hibiscus - 90 BPM F Min Piano".

Baroque - 150 BPM A Min

  • "VVUZZ - Baroque - 150 BPM A Min".

Percussion Collection

This includes recordings of percussion instruments from places all around the world such as Africa, South America, and The Middle East. The huge natural hall reverb on these percussion recordings are something that you really could never capture in a normal studio setting.

Runner Drum Break - 85 BPM

  • "VVUZZ - Runner Drum Break - 85 BPM".

Solstice Drum Break - 75 BPM

  • "VVUZZ - Solstice Drum Break - 75 BPM".

Techno Stomp Kick - G

  • "VVUZZ - Techno Stomp Kick - G".
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