We’re big fans of electrics and Chevy’s upcoming Bolt EV looks to be a next-generation groundbreaker. With tremendous utility, excellent range, a suite of smart on-board tech, and quick charging capability, the Bolt sets new standards for EVs. And it’s a looker, too.

Chevrolet has announced that order books are open for the Bolt and if you place your order soon, you’re looking at delivery in early 2017. This beats Tesla’s promised entry-level competitor, the Model 3, to the market by a number of months at least.

Don’t forget that British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec all offer significant purchase incentives for EVs. Here in Ontario, that’s expecting to amount to $12,839 off the Bolt’s base price of $42,795, making the cost of this EV very palatable.

With a near perfect form factor for a city car, hatchback utility, an estimated range of 383 km, as well as 240V and DC quick charging, the Bolt looks to be very livable for city dwellers. We’re looking forward to a thorough test soon.


Images courtesy of Chevrolet.

Published on Dec 09, 2016