Tim Hauraney, TSN’s F1 Analyst, joined us recently to take a brand new Tesla Model S P90D – yes, the fast one with Ludicrous mode – from Toronto to Montreal and back in a single day. Why would we do something so ridiculous? Well, road trips are fun of course, and it was almost like one of Charlie Sheen’s parties.

However, after two similar drives in previous months with internal combustion cars we really wanted to find out whether the drive in a Tesla could be just as easy as if we were burning petroleum.

Discover we did and perhaps we even charted some new automotive territory. Especially with no previous Tesla Model S experience, we learned a lot about the P90D and electrics on this trip.

Thanks to our friends at Tundra Technical for lending us their brand new Model S P90D for this epic drive.

Published on Feb 23, 2016