Lamborghini’s refreshed the iconic and unmistakably exotic Aventador with a revised S model for 2017.

Already one of the wildest Italian exotics, the Aventador S adds power, aero, and more tech, resulting in a quicker Lamborghini.

The 6.5-litre V12 now makes 740 horsepower and an ear-splitting 8,400 RPM and torque is up slightly to 509 pounds at 5,500 RPM. The seven-speed, single clutch automated transmission carries over. The company says the Aventador S can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and tops out at 350 km/h. That sounds like our kind of supercar.

Front and rear styling has been revised for the benefit of a new look, but also aerodynamic function. There’s also an active rear wing, which is what the Aventator really needed from the beginning. Overall, the aero work helps the Aventador S make more downforce than before while reducing drag.

Perhaps the most significant change under the skin is the addition of rear wheel steering that works out of phase with the front wheels at low speeds for improved maneuverability and in phase at high speeds for better stability. To us, that sounds like a trick they picked up from their cousins up in Zuffenhausen.

According to the press release, the rear steer allows more torque to be distributed – up to 90% in Sport mode – through the rear axle without compromising stability. As far as we’re concerned, a more torque at the rear wheels of the Aventador S is a very good thing and should result in more lively dynamics.

Suspension changes included revised geometry, changes to the rear spring rate, and revised damping rates of the magnetorheological shocks.

Like the Huracan, there are three standard drive modes: Strada; Sport; and Corsa. However, the Aventador S has a fourth, customizable mode called Ego. Yes, you read that right. The aptly named Ego mode allows the driver to select individual parameters for custom drive mode.

The driver will enjoy a new TFT dashboard screen, which was already cool, and the Aventador S now includes Apple Car Play. While we enjoy and advocate for Apple phone integration, driving the Aventador S turns every drive into a bonkers occasion, most drivers will be too busy to really use it.

Those Aventador S drivers who track their supercars can option a data acquisition system that records lap times and other data points. It’s incorrectly called a telemetry system, but don’t worry Lambo owners, your Aventador S won’t be transmitting your driving data to anyone.

Pirelli designed a new P Zero tire to suit the Aventador’s specific dynamic characteristics and they’re still steam-roller massive: 255mm wide in front and 355mm at the rear.

We think it looks mega and can’t wait to get behind the wheel for a full test.


Images courtesy of Lamborghini.

Published on Dec 19, 2016