Nissan’s Rogue Warrior is neither a product nor a concept. Rather, it’s a unique, highly focused crossover that Nissan Canada built for fun because, well, they can. Don’t forget that the Rogue is Nissan’s best selling vehicle in Canada – and get this – the Rogue Warrior winter special is only lightly modified.

The track system bolts on relatively easily and if you look carefully, you’ll see that it sits about two inches higher than a regular Rogue. There are also some subtle modifications for the bumper cover and rockers to accommodate the track system. Other than that, there’s not much you can’t see – only the rear shocks and steering rack have been modified. These mods and track installation only took about a week’s worth of labour, and the track system adds about 100 kilograms.



After it’s all said and done, this Rogue Warrior hasn’t strayed too far from Rogue you can buy at your Nissan store today. It uses the same 170-hp 2.5 litre four cylinder engine, the same all wheel drive system, and the same continuously variable transmission that’s found in the road going Rogue.

What’s remarkable is that the way that both the all wheel drive system and CVT work complement the Rogue Warrior’s drivability in the snow. In fact, I went way off the beaten path and drove through snow that was at least a metre and a half deep.

Don’t think of this as a crossover, though. The Rogue Warrior more like an ultra luxe, five passenger snowmobile than anything conventional crossover. Deep snow, hard pack, straight up a ski hill – or roaring down it, for that matter – nothing phases the Rogue Warrior. It’s said to scale a 45-degree slope and I don’t doubt it. There’s simply nothing like it this side of a snowmobile.



Like a snowmobile, though, there is some discernible noise coming from the track system and with the limited amount of steering lock, the turning circle is massive, so multi-point turns are the name of the game, but otherwise it drives like a normal Rogue.

If you wanted to do the same thing with your Rogue, all it takes is about $15,000 to buy the track system from American Track Truck and some labour. I can’t imagine that this is a rational idea for many drivers, save for more than a handful of people around the world, but the end result is perhaps the coolest winter-focused vehicle you can drive. Up and down a mountain.


Images courtesy of the author and Nissan Canada.

Published on Mar 15, 2016