Already a hit in other countries, Nissan is finally bringing the Qashqai to North America. In fact, the first time we laid eyes on the clumsily named crossover, we though it would be the perfect product for the Canadian market.

Since then, the Rogue has gone on to tremendous sales success and the company clearly believes there is a spot for another crossover above the Juke and below the Rogue.

The Qashqai offers just one engine – a 2-litre four producing 141 horsepower – mated to either a six-speed manual or a CVT, and it’s worth noting that Nissan’s CVTs have become quite good as of late. Three different trim levels will be offered, with the top spec model rolling on 19-inch wheels.

Based on the Qashqais we’ve seen, they’re a bit more premium in finish than the Rogue, since it’s a European-focused crossover. While the Rogue has been a selling in record numbers, the risk may be that the Qashqai cannibalizes Rogue sales. Based on these photos, that will happen to a certain degree, but we think most Canadians will prefer the extra interior passenger and cargo room that the Rogue offers.

We think that the Qashqai will quickly become our Nissan crossover of choice.


Images courtesy of Nissan

Published on Jan 10, 2017