McLaren has taken its entry-level Sports Series car, the 570S, one step close to perfection with the availability of a Track Pack option.

Already a formidable performer, the Track Pack makes the 570S even faster around any given circuit, by way of more aero and less weight, as well as cabin enhancements that the track rats among us will appreciate.

On the outside, there is a 12mm taller rear wing that adds 29 kilos of downforce at 150 miles an hour and extra-lightweight alloy wheels.

Inside the cabin, leather on the dash, seats, and steering wheel is replaced by Alcantara, and gone are the standard (and remarkably comfortable) two-piece seats, swapped for one-piece, carbon fibre buckets. If they’re anything like those fitted to the 675LT, they’ll be amazing.

Also included is McLaren’s track telemetry system, which drivers can use to analyze their on track performance. The name of the system is a bit misleading because it’s not telemetry at all, but rather an on-board data acquisition system that includes real-time lap and segment times. The word “telemetry” sounds cooler because that’s what Formula One fans are accustomed to hearing on broadcasts, but rest assured that data isn’t being transmitted anywhere.

Overall the Track Pack lightens the 570S by 25 kilos overall, enough for a modestly skilled driver to notice the difference on track.

Pricing has yet to be announced for Canadian customers, but at McLaren’s home market price of £16,500, expect the local cost of the Track Pack to be around $30,000 CAD, give or take.

The Track Pack option is available for ordering now for delivery in early 2017. If you like your supercars with a bit of that necessary edge for track work, this is the way to go. We highly recommend it.


Images courtesy of McLaren.

Published on Nov 30, 2016