Brian Makse
Editorial Director

Brian is a championship-winning racing driver, performance driving coach, and an auto writer and presenter for a number of print and digital publications. He holds multiple road racing track records, has raced off road trucks, and has driven many of the world’s famous circuits including Nürburgring Nordschleife, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Road Atlanta, and Laguna Seca. As life-long automobile enthusiast and accomplished racer, his stories are filtered through the lens of a highly experienced driver, giving his readers and viewers a unique perspective on the world of automobiles. You’ll also find Brian’s work in publications in Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Nick Busato
Photo Editor

Bio coming soon because Nick is too busy playing Project Cars. And says he’s lazy.

Jordan Lenssen

An avid fan of the automobile since his Hot Wheels and Revell model kit days, Jordan became fully immersed in cars and motorsport with the Villeneuve versus Schumacher battles, and GT1 marvels from Mercedes-Benz, McLaren and Porsche. His passion was cemented after experiencing the bone-shaking Ford V8 in the Panoz LMP1 Roadster while attending his first race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Since then, Jordan has worked as an automotive and motorsport editor, writer, and photographer with numerous publications, covering the cars and personalities in everything from the Detroit Auto Show to DTM, F1, and Le Mans – which is foremost on his driving bucket list.

Alexandra Straub
Motorcycle Editor

Alexandra became an F1 fan at the ripe age of four, thanks to her Hungarian heritage and her grandpa’s willingness to give up watching soccer during the Grand Prix weekends. That love of fast-moving automobiles eventually lead her down the path of automotive journalism over thirteen years ago. As an award-winning journalist and photographer, Alexandra’s work is seen nationally and internationally, in print, online, and on television. She covers both four- and two-wheeled creations, and as VVUZZ’s motorcycle frontwoman, she’s excited to get on pretty much anything that gets her around the city or the track. She loves puppies (who doesn’t?) and can be found riding around the world and touring Europe, where she currently resides.

Russell Ess

Russell first knew that cars could be more than a thing when he spotted an Austin Healey 3000 MKII at age seven. Not many things could pull him away from piano practice but that pungent, loud, brutish sounding car was one of them. At the time, he didn’t know what it was, just that he wanted it. Badly. Too many years and several mundane cars later, he’s still seeking that elusive first love. Hah. He says he couldn’t possibly afford one now. It’s gone. Internet journalism (is that a thing?) is the best, only chance he has to get to sit in one, and possibly even get to drive one, which is why he’s here at VVUZZ.

Black Penquinn

Black loves cars. Hides his name for professional reasons. He’s not a spy. Has owned everything from 4 cylinder turbos, supercharged 4 cylinders, 5 pot turbos, flat sixes, V8s, supercharged V8s, V10s, and V12s, five speeds, six speeds, sequentials, paddle shifted dual clutch boxes, automatics. and even a diesel. Summer weekends are spent at the race track or bike trail.

Peter Adamo

In the 1970s, Peter turned five and drove his first car, a 1966 Mustang V8. It wasn’t even the fastback model. While far too young to operate the pedals and see where he was going at the same time, we choose to believe he actually did drive it, given the propensity he’s shown in the subsequent thirty-five years to drive anything with wheels, gears, and an engine.

Peter was a regular commuter in Mumbai traffic on a classic Enfield motorcycle held together with spit and coat hangers. He’s dug large holes with even larger excavators, driven a Dodge Reliant (just once) and piloted a Toyota Hilux through a typhoon.