Porsche has introduced its first full-electric performance sedan, the Taycan, and it signals a new era for the brand.

Available initially in 670hp and 750hp versions, the all-wheel-drive Turbo and Turbo S models will have a maximum range of 450km and 412km, respectively.

With Porsche’s quick charging system, 100km range can be added in just five minutes, while an 80% charge will take 22 minutes.

The nomenclature is consistent with Porsche’s non-sports car offerings, which translates to the Turbo being quick and the Turbo S being quickest. The company says the Turbo can accelerate from zero to 100km/h in 3.2 seconds and the Turbo S in just 2.8. Top speeds of both models is 260km/h.

Further models will follow, including lower power output versions, so expect Taycan and Taycan S trims, as well as a longroof called the Cross Turismo.

Porsche enthusiasts will scratch their heads over the use of the Turbo nomenclature, which marks an about-face for the brand. Online chatter is endless, but among enthusiasts, the prevailing theme is that the unimaginative name choice undermines the mythology of the legendary Porsche Turbos of the past.

Still, Taycan appears to be a formidable choice for those looking for performance electric sport sedans.

Canadian pricing starts at $173,900 for the Turbo and $213,900 for the Turbo S, though Porsche’s famously extensive option list can add tens of thousands of dollars for a desirable specification.

Order books are now open at your local Porsche dealer and deliveries begin in the coming months. 

Porsche’s future is, undoubtedly, electric.


Images courtesy of Porsche.

Published on Sep 04, 2019