Dodge has set the world on fire with the new Demon. Huge numbers. Breaks new ground. Literally. And a cool factor that’s through the roof.

The Demon is banned by the NHRA simply because it’s too fast and certified by the Guinness World Records because it launches hard enough to do wheelies.

The 840-horsepower Demon does the quarter mile in 9.63 seconds and zero to sixty in an absurd 2.3 seconds. Wild.

The crazy engineers at SRT accomplished these feats, and more, by applying near endless innovation as well as plenty of tricks used by clever drag racers.

Significantly lighter than a standard Challenger, the Demon is the fastest production car ever, according to Dodge, and by these numbers, it may very well be.

Tricks like passenger and rear seat delete (both available as $1 options, by the way), an optional trunk kit with a narrow, drag-specific front wheel/tire setup, a 100-octane fuel mode, air conditioning that diverts to chill the intake air, a massive, functional intake scoop, and a recalibrated torque converter are just some of the things necessary to make this Demon a proper hellraiser at the dragstrip. 

Production is limited to 3,000 units for the US and 300 for Canada and all Demons come with a full factory warranty. You heard that right. 

Production of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon starts later this year for the 2018 model year. Pricing has yet to be announced and it won’t be cheap, but it’ll be worth it. 

What’s really amazing is that Dodge has accomplished something that neither GM nor Ford has been able to do – build a production, roadworthy, massively quick drag car.


Images courtesy of Dodge.

Published on Apr 12, 2017