Whether we like it or not, it’s at this time of year to start thinking about driving in winter conditions. It’s that dreary part of the year when we’re forced to swap out our sticky summer tires for that knobby, noisy winter rubber.

And then there’s driving on snow, ice, frozen asphalt, and everything in between, Summer driving is easy and the occasional rainstorm is a minor inconvenience, but when the weather turns from pleasant to frozen on that first day of winter, it’s time to remember your low-grip driving skills you carefully put away last spring.

At VVUZZ, we’re advocates for driver training and one of the best ways to improve your skill set is to learn high performance driving in the winter. For Porsche enthusiasts, there’s no better way to learn new driving techniques than at the company’s winter driving program, Camp4. The entire experience is pure Porsche – from accommodations to hospitality to the facility to the calibre of instruction. And the Porsches are a blast to drive.

Learn more about Porsche’s Camp4 by visiting their site at porschedrivingexperiencecanada.ca and, if you’re up for some adventure, register for one of their courses. We highly recommend it. Programs run in Quebec in the month of February.


Images courtesy of Porsche.

Published on Nov 04, 2016