After decades of one-upmanship in the hypercar game, the Bugatti Veyron reset the expectations for big numbers to levels that had never been achieved.

But the thing about the Veyron is that it wasn’t a one trick pony. It did everything it promised. Asphalt annihilating acceleration. A top speed ridiculously above anything else at the time. Engineered with the resources of the Volkswagen Group, it pushed technical limitations to new heights and it shouldn’t have been a surprise that despite its immense capabilities it drove with the docility of a Cayman.

A decade on, Bugatti has announced the Veyron’s successor, the Chiron, which promises to redefine the notion of a hypercar. The numbers are indeed so massive, there’s no need to talk about records. 1,500 horsepower. 1,180 pounds of torque from 2,000 to 6,000 RPM. Top speed of 420 km/h (261 mph), which is electronically limited and likely due to the constraints of modern tire engineering. Zero to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, but the Germans are notoriously pessimistic, so expect the Chiron to achieve that feat in near two seconds, on the right surface of course.



Price? If you have to ask, it’s €2.4 million (about CAD $3.5 million at today’s exchange rates). Bugatti is making only 500 of these Chirons and that number is likely to include other, more interesting variants than the coupe you see here. Just like the company did with its predecessor, expect open top and higher performance variants before production ceases.

Bugatti says it’s accepted orders for a third of the production run prior to the Chiron’s debut, so get you order in today.


Images courtesy of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.

Published on Mar 01, 2016