Replacing the venerable 6.0-litre V12 that powers Aston Martin’s twelve cylinder range is an all-new 5.2-litre, twin turbocharged V12. While turbocharging is the name of the game in order for manufacturers to meet modern emissions and power requirements, we suspect that the output of this 5.2-litre V12 fitted with a pair of turbos will produce some serious numbers.

While the V12 in the DB9 GT we recently tested produces 540 horsepower, the most powerful iteration of Aston’s 6.0-litre is the Vantage GT12-spec at 592 horsepower, and Aston Martin insiders suggest that this may be the most powerful twelve cylinder they’ve ever produced. Given the turbocharged design, expect this new V12 to post some serious torque numbers as well.

Speculation has been rampant following the iconic British sports car maker’s partnership with Mercedes-AMG that the highly anticipated DB11 and future models will be powered by AMG engines, our sources indicate otherwise. Aston insiders have confirmed to VVUZZ that this new V12 was developed in-house at Aston Martin.

If the new DB11 looks as good as this engine sounds, then this is all very exciting news for fans of the 103-year-old carmaker.

P.S. We know, we know, technically Aston Martin’s current V12 is a 5.9-litre, but nobody likes that guy.

Image courtesy Aston Martin Lagonda Limited.

Published on Jan 12, 2016