VVUZZ is devoted to life with the automobile. We like how a car enhances your life. Sometimes driving a car on a certain piece of asphalt is the best thing you could possibly do.

Our writers, photographers, and video producers all enjoy cars, too, and are tasked with giving you insight into the world of automobiles. We’re here to entertain and educate our readers, and if there is anything else we’d like to do, it’s to demystify car culture, and make it accessible and relatable to any enthusiast.

We love cars and as long as one can paint a smile on our faces, even if ever so briefly, you”ll find it here on VVUZZ. Outright speed, horsepower numbers, and price are inconsequential. But sometimes they’re also the story.

Some new cars represent the pinnacle of motoring. For others, the train left that station a long time ago, and we have to go back one, two, or even five decades to find the best of a certain kind.

Like many car lovers, we sometimes have the strange desire to drive racecars on the road. Like Jim Glickenhaus does. On the other hand, there are times when they’re simply better enjoyed on the track.

We like racing drivers, too, and some of today’s top professional sports car pilots are friends of VVUZZ. We’ll never hire a racing driver to test any kind of car because, well, we can actually do that. We’ve been there and done that in racing. Some of us even continue to do that in racing.

Along the way, we’ll even attempt to teach you to be a better driver so that you can appreciate and experience more with your car.

We also like good design. And architecture. Some of us even like timepieces and cigars and scotch. Above all, we like how a beautifully designed car, whether that’s engineered or styled, can inspire the rest of your life through its own presence.

Of course, we like great images. And images are important to us, so you’ll see great original photography on VVUZZ. Ace motorsport photographer, Nick Busato, is VVUZZ’s photo editor.

VVUZZ (pronounced “voose“) is inspired by traditional Czech word vůz, meaning car or carriage, which suitably describes our passion for automobiles, both old and new.

VVUZZ is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, but more often than not you’ll find us chasing car stories around the globe.

Brian Makse
Editorial Director